Переваги SSL-сертифіката

There are many benefits of using an SSL certificate, some of the most important are:

    • Website credibility and customer trust - given the increasing amount of potential threats when using the internet, users pay special attention to the security of their information, especially when making purchases. Having an SSL certificate for your website will show them it’s a safe site and this will be reflected in a higher number of sales.
    • Protection against phishing - phishing is an activity where a hacker creates a fake website to steal information such as logins, passwords, or credit card numbers. An SSL certificate allows you to confirm your website is the authentic one.
    • Positive effect on positioning - search engines score websites considering how safe they are. Having an SSL certificate means a higher position in search results, which will result in a higher number of visitors.
    • Possibility to use HTTP/2HTTP/2 is a major revision of the HTTP network protocol used by the World Wide Web which improves both site performance and server efficiency. It is only possible to use HTTP/2 if you have an SSL certificate. 

To add an SSL certificate, please follow the instructions here