Як додати базу даних та користувача бази даних?

If you want to add a database and a database user, go to https://ZZZ.com.ua/panel/ and enter the login details (1) i.e. the email or profile name to the user panel and the password that were set at the time of registration, and then click on the "Sign in" button (2).


To add a user:

Go to the Databases section in the user panel: https://ZZZ.com.ua/panel/en/databases. If you don’t have any users yet, Choose the hosting account (1) and click on the “Add” button (2) above the MySQL users table. 


Choose the MySQL username (1), select the way you want to grant access to this user (2). Select "" for local connections. You can use "%" for external connections - this option is only available for paid plans. Enter the password twice (3) and then click the "Add" button (4).


To add a database:

Click on the “Add” button (1) above the MySQL databases table.


Select MySQL Username (1) for the database and click on the “Add” button (2).