Table of contents

  1. General regulations
  2. Range of services and technical restrictions
  3. Obligation to comply with the law
  4. Registration and maintenance of domains
  5. Rights and responsibilities of
  6. Additional, paid options provided by
  7. Payments
  8. Complaints
  9. Privacy policy
  10. Definitions
  11. Final regulations

I. General regulations

  1. The following Terms and Conditions document formulates rules of registration and usage of accounts, as a part of hosting services, registration and maintenance of domains and defines type and range of additional, paid options offered by
  2. Acceptance of these conditions is obligatory to use any of services provided by User, who created an account, automatically confirms his familiarization with our Terms and Conditions and therefore is obliged to comply with them.
  3. Acceptance of our Terms and Conditions is also connected to acceptance of NASK and InternetBS Terms and Conditions: .PL domains ToS (10.12.2013), ToS for .PL domains registration options and InternetBS ToS.
  4. In case of resignation of the services provided by, User is obliged to immediately delete domain(s) from the user panel. If the automaton or administration detects a webpage redirecting to another hosting, the webpage will be deleted.
  5. reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions.

II. Range of services and technical restrictions

  1. is the exclusive owner of every hosting account and names in subdomains:,,, Sale, rental and lending of account and names is strictly prohibited., after receiving notification about violation of this rule, will automatically and permanently block such user account.
  2. The domain registration is free of charge for paid accounts, and paid for FREE accounts. The domain renewal is paid for all accounts.
  3. reserves the right to introduce additional Paid Options, facilitating the use of the services.
  4. Hosting service can not be used to:
    1. build a webpage using external sources (hotlinking is not allowed). allows such practice for users who bought their hosting plans.
    2. host a webpage which will overload the server (online games, botnets, and so on).
    3. activities targeting SEO, links farms and similar; links exchange is allowed in proper systems as an additional part of the page, but not its main purpose. Websites visited mostly only by bots, will be deleted.
    4. automatic redirecting to other addresses.
    5. utilize the account only as a FTP server. There has to be a webpage on the account, of which popularity can not be significantly lower than for example amount of people downloading content from the FTP server.
    6. general overloading of the server, with simultaneous lack of displaying ads, or if our systems will show that the resources usage is improper to webpage's amount of views.
    7. bitcoin mining.
  5. places a special banner on free hosting accounts. Moving or blocking it is strictly prohibited. introduced a special, paid system to remove such adverts.
  6. On FREE users' pages, places a special banner with information about possibility to donate the website. Donations can be then used to buy hosting services for a website. User can disable this baner in user panel, in the domain edit dialog.
  7. allows Users to put their own ads on websites.
  8. allows Users to use their own domains on their hosting accounts. Users have one (1) month to redirect DNS servers to servers, otherwise the domain gets blocked.
  9. also allows Users to buy .PL and international domains.

III. User's obligation to comply with the law

  1. Delivering any illegal content, especially content that is against the law, good manners and principles of social coexistence, is strictly forbidden.
  2. Delivered contents can not contain pornography, call for violence, call for racial or ethnic hatred, vulgar or offensive words and any other contents, which are against the applicable law.
  3. Webpages containing TV streaming services and linking to such websites, are also prohibited.
  4. User is fully liable for any violation of the above points and Polish or international law. can not be held responsible for hosted contents and information provided by the User.
  5. can not be held responsible towards third parties for contents provided by Users, which are copyright-protected, within the meaning of the Polish Act on Copyright and Related Rights of 4 February 1994, (Dz.U. 2006, Nr 90, poz. 631) with later changes, without the consent of authorized person.
  6. reserves the right to delete each contents provided by User, which will be recognized as against the Terms of Service or against the law.

IV. Registration and maintenance of domains

  1. allows the User to register .PL and international (.com, .biz, .net, .org, .info, .eu, .de, .uk,, .tv, .nl, .it, .xyz, .us and many others) domains.
  2. During domain registration, User is obliged to provide valid personal data. In case of registering of some domains (e.g. .UK), user will be asked to provide a scan of his ID and/or recent bills to verify his personal data. If, within 30 days, user will not provide all the necessary data, the domain will be blocked. Only adults can register domains.
  3. In case user has an account on, his data from user profile will be used to register the domain.
  4. Domain activation occurs within few minutes from receiving the payment. From this moment, User is a legal and physical owner of the domain, and can freely manage it.
  5. In case of international domains, User has to click on the activation link, which will come through the e-mail. Only then domain will be activated.
  6. Within 30 days of expiration, domain can still be renewed by his owner. Additional fee of 20 PLN will be added for renewal after expiration.
  7. Payment for registering or renewal of domains, as a personalized order, is unreturnable (art. 38 p. 3, Polish consumer rights act).
  8. In case the domain chosen by User can not be registered, payment will be fully returned. To apply for a refund, user has to send an e-mail to domeny{at}
  9. In case User wants to receive the Authinfo code, he has to send an e-mail to domeny{at} at least 14 (fourteen) days before the domain expiry date. A document to fill can be found on
  10. Filled and signed document should be scanned and sent via e-mail to domeny{at} The deadline for considering the request is 7 (seven) working days.
  11. In case User wants to make a cession of domain, he should fill, sign and scan the following document: form, and send it to e-mail domeny{at}, with attached copies of IDs of both sides.
  12. User's rights and obligations for registering international domains, can be found on: Educational materials can be found on: en.

V. Rights and responsibilities of

  1. reserves the right to:
    1. delete the account without providing a reason;
    2. delete or block the account in case of inactivity, minimal period is three months;
    3. delete or block the account in case of violation of rules of point III of these Terms of Service;
    4. suspend the services due to maintenance works;
    5. suspend the services if the account causes overloading and threatens the stability of infrastructure;
    6. send promo materials regarding
  2. For paid accounts users, points A, B and F do not apply.
  3. is not liable for any service malfunction incidents.
  4. is not liable for loss or damage of any data of users' websites. advises its users making regular data backups.
  5. By creating an account, user gives consent to process his personal data by for administrative and marketing purposes, according to law from 29.08.1997 about the personal data protection (Dz. U. 2002r. Nr 101, poz. 926 with later changes).

VI. Additional, paid options provided by

  1., to improve the quality of its services and to allow less onerous usage of them, introduces paid system of removing advertisements and possibility to buy additional services, with right of liquidation of such service at any time. Also, reserves the right to introduce new, different types of services in the future.
  2. Paid system of advertisements removal is based on buying a subscription for the specified period, during which there will be no advertisements of on user's account.
  3. also offers a micropayment system, by which user can buy (in single item or a packet) additional subdomains, aliases, e-mail accounts, FTP accounts, databases, transfer, disk space and single file size limit removal.
  4. gives possibility to buy a VPS server. After buying this service, time for VPS activation is up to 48 hours.
  5. In case user has not paid for a VPS renewal, his server will be removed after one week from the expiration date.
  6. reserves the right to remove or block a VPS server in case of violation of points from section III of these Terms of Service. Also, VPS service can be suspended if server threatens the infrastructure stability.
  7. offers Users getting a SSL certificate for their domains.
  8. Certificate is free of charge and associated with domain chosen by the User.
  9. User, by activating the certificate, pays only for its maintenance and service, including increased server resources usage caused by data encryption.
  10. Certificate can be activated for one year. During this time, the certificate is automatically prolonged every three months.
  11. All complaints regarding payment systems, micropayments, SSL certificates and VPS servers should be sent to address: reklamacje{at}
  12. Every User has a choice of the following payment methods: Bank Transfer, Paypal or Premium SMS service.
  13. Payments can be done only in Polish Zloty (PLN).
  14. After exceeding granted transfer (if applicable) or period with the hosting plan, the hosting account is automatically disabled.
  15. Prices of paid advertisements removal system, micropayments and VPS servers are posted on's webpage.
  16. Hosting account on the FREE plan is valid for three (3) months from date of its registration. After this time, user should buy a hosting account plan, otherwise his hosting account will be disabled.
  17. To facilitate the process of moving for FREE users to a paid hosting model, introduces a special BASIC hosting plan. This plan is available only once, on expiry of FREE hosting - after that, only regular PRO and VIP plans are available.
  18. reserves the right to change the price list, with previous posting of a proper information.
  19. Payments for above options are paid to a DialCom24 Sp. z o.o.'s bank account, which is indicated during the payment.
  20. In case of account lock due to violation of the law or rules from Section III of these Terms of Service, does not refund remained money for unused service.
  21. According to art. 38 p. 1 law of Consumer Rights, starts providing the service immediately after processing the payment and therefore reserves that user is losing his right to withdraw from the contract after start of the services.
  22. Maximum disk space for e-mail accounts on the VIP plan is 10 GB.To extend the disk space beyond this limit, users will pay additional fee for each 5 GB.
  23. Maximum disk space on the VIP plan is 30 GB. To extend the disk space beyond this limit, users will pay additional fee for each 100 GB.
  24. Maximum data transfer on the VIP plan is 1200 GB. To extend the disk space beyond this limit, users will pay additional fee for each 1000 GB.

VII. Payments

  1. Payments for domains and additional paid options, offered by, can be done only by persons eligible to use the specified instrument, by which payment is being realized. Detected cases of fraud will directly be reported to competent police departments.
  2. User's personal data is automatically being forwarded to our payment operators: DialCom24 Sp. z o.o., PayPal Inc., Paymentwall or Mobiltek S.A. (with the user's prior consent).
  3. After confirming the transaction form in the Service, and after choosing a payment method, User is being automatically redirected to a proper payment provider platform:
    1. in case of internet transfer method, to our internet payment partner's (DialCom24 Sp z o.o.) webpage, which is being a bank,
    2. in case of traditional bank transfer method, to the DialCom24 Sp z o.o.'s webpage,
    3. in case of other payment method (Paypal, Paymentwall) - to the corresponding payment provider's WWW platform,
    4. in case of SMS payment method, User will receive an unique, generated one-time code processed and supported by Mobiltek S.A.
  4. In order to make a payment, User should proceed through the payment Service accordingly to the system instructions.
  5. Payments for can be done only via operators mentioned in point 2.
  6. After payment confirmation, paid Service becomes active for previously chosen period.
  7. User can not withdraw from the contract after the service starts. On User's request, the Service can be moved to another account.
  8. is not liable for any problems caused by delay of any third parties, including banks, post offices, payment operators et cetera.
  9. Premium SMS service works only within Polish territory and for Polish mobile network operators.
  10.'s payment operators are:
    1. — money transfers provider,
      DialCom24 Sp. z o.o, 60-327 Poznań, ul. Kanclerska 15
      NIP 781-173-38-52, REGON 634509164
      Terms of service:,
    2. — internet payments and credit cards operator,
      PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A , L-1150, Luxembourg
      Terms of service:,
    3. — internet payments and credit cards operator,
      Paymentwall, Inc., 255 9th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
      Terms of service:,
    4. — premium SMS service operator
      Service by Centrum Technologii Mobilnych MOBILTEK S.A.
      ul. Józefińska 2, 30-529 Kraków
      tel. (12) 432-68-60, fax. (12) 432-69-00
      Service available for all Polish mobile operators (Orange, Plus, T-Mobile, Play).
      Links: Terms of service, Complaints.
  11. provides a special donation system. Donations for WWW pages are stored in a virtual wallet and can be used to buy hosting services for a website that received the donation.

VIII. Complaints

  1. User can make complaints regarding cases of malfunction of paid services and additional paid options offered by to e-mail address reklamacje{at}
  2. is considering complaints within 14 working days from receiving such request. In complicated cases, requiring thorough verification, this period may be longer.
  3. Answer to the complaint is being sent to the e-mail address provided by User during his account registration.

IX. Privacy policy

By registering an account on our webpage and using Services provide by, User accepts our Privacy Policy provisions, which are available under address:

X. Definitions

Terms of Service - the following Terms of Service document is a document, which corresponds to art. 8 of Polish law from 18.07.2002 r. about rendering services electronically. - ABC Hosting Ltd. company with headquarters in Belize, 7B Neal Pen Road, Belize City. Registry No: 148 538, DUNS: 81-542-7447

Address of correspondence - ul. Świętokrzyska 30 lok. 63, 00-116 Warszawa.

User - a person using the hosting Service offered and provided by under the terms formulated by the above Terms Of Service document.

Hosting service - service provided by, based on sharing user the specified, separate space on the server, to activate the website hosting, e-mail and connected services.

Domain - unique set of characters, containing name and two (or three) letters extension indicating the country or the purpose of the website. It could be both first-level domains (.pl, .com) or the second-level domains (,

Paid option - additional options introduced by, provided after payment on the clear request of the User, described in Section VI of the above Terms of Service document.

NASK - Naukowa i Akademicka Sieć Komputerowa, Polish domain names registrator, with headquarters in Warsaw, ul. Wąwozowa 18, added to the register of companies of the National Registry of court (KRS) under KRS number 0000012938.

InternetBS -'s international domains third-party registrator. - one of the ways to make payments for domains and additional paid options offered by, based on making the payment via internet service operated by DialCom24 Sp. z o.o., with headquarters in Poznań, ul. Kanclerska 15, added to the register of companies of the National Registry of court operated by Regional Court Poznań - Nowe Miasto i Wilda in Poznań, VIII KRS Economic Department, under KRS number 0000306513, according to the Terms of Service available on webpages belonging to DialCom24 Sp. z o.o. under address

XI. Final regulations

This Terms of Service document is valid from 18.12.2019.

In cases not regulated by the above Terms of Service, corresponding law rules apply.

Last updated: 18.12.2019