New Xbox Game Pass Games for July 2022 List

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New Xbox Game Pass Games for July 2022 List

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It's a brand new month so it's only natural that a brand new set of Xbox Game Pass titles will be making their way to the service for subscribers to the service to enjoy.

Every month will see a selection of exciting titles join the constantly growing library of titles but will also see some of the beloved games depart the service entirely. Here is everything we know about Xbox Game Pass in July.

Microsoft recently revealed the rest of the new Xbox Game Pass games coming in the second half of June 2022, but some fans may have noticed that a game was missing from the lineup. Co-op escape room game Escape Academy was originally scheduled to launch on June 28 as a day one Xbox Game Pass game, but it has since been delayed. Escape Academy is now coming in July, making it one of the day one games that Game Pass subscribers can count on playing next month.

Microsoft will be adding many more new games to the Xbox Game Pass lineup in July 2022. The new Xbox Game Pass games for July 2022 have yet to be fully revealed, but previous announcements have clued fans in on at least five of the new games coming to the service next month. As usual, the new Xbox Game Pass games for July 2022 are a mix of older titles and brand-new, day one releases.

New Xbox Game Pass Games for July 2022 List

Far Cry 5 - July 1
Last Call BBS - July 5
Matchpoint Tennis Championships - July 7
Escape Academy - July 14
As Dusk Falls - July 19
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